On-the-day wedding coordinating:                                             

This is a job I do for people who organise their own weddings, but can't run the show on the day. I step in and act as a cross between a project manager and a maitre'd. I'll do anything from receiving cake deliveries to rubbing lipstick off the bride's teeth before she walks down the aisle. 

On-the-day wedding coordinating can include: 

- executing the run sheet

- managing wait staff

- being on-site all day to receive deliveries and manage vendors

- assist with table setting

- hiring wait staff if necessary

- welcoming and seating guests

- pressing play on music, managing the timing of the ceremony

- overseeing, managing, and assisting wait staff and bar service

- assisting with food service and preparation if required

- cutting the cake after you've cut the cake

- overseeing the pack down

You may not have thought you need someone if you've organised the day yourself, but instead of off-loading a hundred little jobs to family members, you can have a calm and experienced event coordinator oversee the whole day without any fuss.

My fee begins at $95/hour, with flat-fee packages available. A small deposit will secure your date. My fee will include meeting up beforehand and a site visit if necessary. Please email me for more information or if you have any questions. 

photos by Anna Kidman/styling by Laura Blade

Photo by Jake Thomas Photography, working at the wedding of Jesse and Victoria. Auckland, March 2014.