16 Nov // Ice creamy martini

A few things about dessert and caffeine and booze:

Firstly: Affogato is one of my favourite desserts. So simple, so delicious. A scoop of ice cream, a shot of hot espresso, and ideally, a shot of liqueur. What could possibly go wrong? And how do you improve on perfection?

Secondly: The popularity of the espresso martini shows no sign of slowing down. Again with that caffeine hit, and the booze, they really have the potential to turn a night around.

Third and finally: I used to care deeply about dessert at dinner parties, and when I was doing dinner parties for a job I’d put a lot of effort into pudding. I realised pretty quickly that more often than not, once people are full and a few drinks deep, dessert becomes an afterthought.

ENTER: The dessert cocktail. Pass them around on trays, whether people are still sitting and yarning or standing and spading, and let guests drink and keep being merry. Turn the party around, give them a sugar hit, get everyone on the dance floor, and sit back and watch the magic happen.

And so it is that I bring you the Affogato Martini. It’s basically an espresso martini but with coffee and gelato, which is basically an affogato but with kahlua and vodka or gin. A supercharged affogato, if you will. An ice-creamy martini. I could go on? I’ll stop.

For this recipe, the perfect one for the impending silly season imho, I’ve teamed up with Spring Sheep Milk Co. They sent me some of their Sheep Milk Gelato and I was a bit nervous never having tried sheep milk before, but I didn’t need to worry. The vanilla bean one has a really good vanilla flavour, and the gelato itself is super soft and creamy. The chocolate works just as well in this recipe, especially if you’re of the mochaccino drinking persuasion. You can have a play around with the booze: kahlua is the coffee liqueur that gives espresso martinis their sweetness, and I reckon you could use either vodka or gin as the potent-white-spirit component. And with the coffee, you could make a cold brew plunger (brew it from cold for a few hours, or overnight) or you could just make a plunger and wait for it to cool a bit, and then shake it with ice (that’s the slightly drunken haphazard version, which I can confirm works absolutely fine) or if you have an espresso machine, use a double shot of espresso per drink.

Affogato Martini with Sheep Milk Gelato

Makes two

If you have a cocktail shaker, use that, but if not, just stir over ice then strain.


60ml vodka or gin

60ml kahlua (or another coffee liqueur)

2 x 60ml espresso shots, or 120mls strong black coffee (can be hot or cold, depending on your preference)

2 scoops Spring Sheep Milk Co. Gelato (Vanilla Bean or Dark Chocolate)

Freeze dried fruit, to garnish (I used freeze dried cherries)


Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add the vodka or gin, kahlua, and coffee. Shake well.

Strain into two glasses (you could use a martini glass, but I like to use mismatched glasses of all shapes). Add a scoop of gelato and crumble over some freeze dried fruit (I used cherries, some whole and some crumbled). Serve immediately with a small spoon.

This recipe was a collaboration with Spring Sheep Milk Co.