07 Oct // Like a prayer

There was a time in my late teens when I would be on a dancefloor in some awful bar, and a remix of Madonna's Like a Prayer would come on and I would squawk to my friends "OMG IT'S MY RINGTONE! MY RINGTONE!" as if the fact you could compose a tune from music on the internet into your pink Nokia 3310 was something to be truly proud of. 

At that time I would probably be wearing a halterneck top and black pants, and I would usually be drinking vodka and cranberry juice, in a tall glass. If I wanted to appear really cool, I would go for Absolut Mandarin as my vodka of choice, and a squeeze of fresh lime if they had it (which was never). Those days were followed by stints of Malibu and pineapple and Malibu and coke respectively, until I graduated to gin and tonics, before I properly embraced beer.    

What I'm trying to say is: vodka-cranberry holds a special place in my nostalgic heart. And so it was with delight I saw the clever folk at Karma Cola have released a range of dry sparkling fruity little numbers, sweetened only with the fruit therein, which includes a cranberry and lime. It's a lot more tart and crisp than the cranberry mixes of my youth, which is good, because so is my palate and so too am I (crisp and tart, that is). With summer ahead it's perfectly refreshing on it's own, but as you'd imagine it's an absolute nostalgic joy in a tall glass with a slug of vodka too. Crank some Madonna, pourself a drink, and sit back and feel smug about just how far you've come. Halterneck tops optional. 

Vodka Cranberry 2.0

This is not so much a recipe as a mixed drink.

You will need: 

1 tall glass

Lots of ice (fancy spheres with flower petals, if you're that way inclined)(I am obsessed)

A generous slug of vodka

Juice of half a lime

1 x 250ml bottle Karma Cola Lime & Cranberry dry


Fill the glass with ice. Add the squeeze of lime and the vodka. Top with Lime & Cranberry dry. Enjoy!