22 Jul // Friday drinks: the Pear and Rosemary collins

It is no secret that I love gin. I love it! I love trying new kinds, with different mixers, and different garnishes, or just straight (if the occasion requires it). I was an unashamed early adopter of the artisan tonic revolution that I am so, so glad has taken hold of bars and supermarkets. Late last year I hit a career high when I was asked to be on the judging panel of the Beefeater Mix London bartending competition. 

Whilst there is nothing better than a crisp g+t in the sun during summer, it's an equally warming winter drink. For the last few issues, one of my favourite freelance gigs has been writing cocktail recipes and the odd article for Toast Magazine, put together by the editorial team at Dish. Earlier this year we had a very fun full day of mixing and testing and shaking and sipping, and this Pear and Rosemary Collins was my absolute favourite. Basically, you make a sugar syrup with the pears and rosemary in it, then muddle the pears into gin, with lemon juice. You can top with soda water, depending on you glass size - they make small, sweet, and potent cocktails without it, and something a little softer with it in. Have a play around! Pears are abundant at the moment given it's the middle of Winter (here in New Zealand) and I'm not going to lie when I say a little drizzle of the leftover syrup can do wonders for your morning porridge. So for something beautifully seasonal and a little different, may I politely suggest you check out the recipe here. Happy Friday!