25 Jul // A week in the life

The week just gone was a lot less traumatic than the one previous, as the current state of having lots on (I hate saying ‘I’m busy’ probably ever since reading this article) has become the new normal and it hit me that it was all exciting, fun stuff that I'm doing, and that having full working days and nights is the best way to be as a freelancer, and that I can sleep when I’m dead so to just chill out and enjoy it, rather than feel stressed or overwhelmed. 


I decided to work from home instead of heading to the office, but at least worked from the couch instead of from bed. I made a salad for lunch and undercooked the kumara, but ate it and put it on instagram anyway. It was possibly a stupid move to work from home because I spent much of the day getting distracted before cramming all my work into the last hour of the working day before a 6pm meeting. Classic Monday freelance behaviour. I walked to the final Metro cheap eats discussion, and admired the moon before throwing my opinion around on the state of dumplings in Auckland. More on that to follow. At home I walked in on my flatmate serving up roast beef and gravy and some excellent roast veggies, and devoured it before hitting our local for a red wine and a goss.


I began the morning at Kokako, for a special tasting of their new Purosa Estate single origin coffee beans from Papua New Guinea. More about that, and how to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home, coming up on the blog!

I then wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote.

Amongst all the writing some coconut yoghurt arrived on my desk: Raglan Coconut Co has launched granola jars with coconut yoghurt included. They’re ok! But I reckon I’d maybe add a little milk or a little more yoghurt. And maybe some fruit. A great snack on the go though. I’m so dedicated to porridge these days it had been ages since I’d eaten muesli.     

With my office-buddies and the office hangers-on, we tried to go to Venky’s for lunch for Metro judging, but it’s closed on Tuesdays. We ate curry anyway, at last year’s top ten Indian joint, Paradise. I ate delicious paneer whilst learning all about Pokemon Go from a 33 year old man.

Miyuki from excellent food publication FEED HB published part one of an interview with me that she’d filmed earlier in the year. So exciting! It was funny because she made me play a drinking game with mini bottles of Laurent Perrier, and I burped all the way through the interview. Watch the video here!

I wrote the recipe for meatballs with creamy polenta and fennel salad (make it and tell me what you think?) before catching up with my Mum and Dad over Dumplings in Royal Oak (very good). I vowed to make some lifestyle changes after Metro cheap eats judging was over, and to maybe just eat salad for the rest of the week.  


I began my day with a hair appointment (#treatyoself), and then had a great catch up with a fellow self-employed friend for a smoothie at Little Bird. I breezed into the office to attempt to keep the email onslaught at bay, and then went to a wine tasting of Spanish wines at Bellotta. SkyCity has enlisted Master of Wine Sam Harrop, a lovely guy and bona fide expert, to oversee their wine offering across all their restaurants. I’d not had much experience with Spanish wine, but they're directly importing a few boutique ones, which were delicious, and I learned a lot and ate some delicious charcuterie while I was at it.

On Wednesday night I lay on the lounge floor hugging the heater and ate a cheese toastie for dinner.


On Thursday we tried to go to Venky’s again and this time it was open, and I reckon the $7 masala dosai is the current bargain lunch of the city.

On Thursday night I took control of the Metro Magazine snapchat (watch out!) and headed off to the French Cafe for dinner. It was a Mercedes Benz event, in the French Kitchen, the utterly stunning space across the courtyard of the restaurant. I was picked up from my flat in an e-class Merc with a driver called Luke and it was both hilarious and amazing all at once. I asked if I could drive, to which he very politely replied 'I wish I could let you' before arriving to a glass of Louis Roederer champagne and utterly delicious canapes (god I love canapes). I was sat with the other media, both excellent women, Alice from Cuisine and Ellen from Fairfax. We were also with Mercedes Benz customers - two gay couples and the guy who started King’s Plant Barn, who was fascinating to chat to and an absolute gentleman. Chris Dodds from Working Style talked about his business, and how it’s developed over the last 25 odd years, which was interesting, and I then had a really good yarn to Simon Wright from the French Cafe, after he served us four of his ‘greatest hits’ dishes which included ceviche, quail with croissant cream, amazing lamb, and a plate-lickingly good chocolate dessert. I was dropped home in a different Mercedes with a different driver, and was told to plug in my phone to experience the sound system. I played Rihanna's Love on the Brain (I am obsessssssssed!) on repeat before arriving home to my NIssan Pulsar, whose soundsystem extends to either a casette player with ABBA's greatest hits or a mix tape I made in 4th form, or my UE boom standing in the cup holder, when I remember to take it with me. The surround sound dream was fun while it lasted.  


I ate avocado and homemade sauerkraut on toast for lunch and nearly wept, because the avopocalypse is over and it was basically perfect. Recipe for sauerkraut is here! 


I came out of retirement and did a dinner party and cooked 32 people dinner in a community hall! More about that shortly.

And that was pretty much it. Until next week!