05 Apr // Liquid diet

This whole eating for a living thing is really great most of the time, and I am a big fan of loving oneself always, and loving one’s body as it is. Sometimes though, you might find you’ve just had three days of eating in say, Singapore, where you ate dumplings for dinner and curry for breakfast and that came pretty quickly after a week of eating and drinking in say, Melbourne and regional Victoria, where you did wine tasting after beer tasting, after café hopping and 10 course meals. And dotted between the two there may have been a stint of restaurant judging: three course meal after six course meal with a couple of wine matches thrown in for good measure.

Like I said, it is really great. I love it, I do. But there also comes a time in this modern lady’s life when one just needs to need chill out on the eating and the booze and relax at home and maybe...tighten a little. Maybe your boobs (if you have them) have started to spill slightly out of your fancy Lonely bras?  Maybe you went for a foot massage in Singapore thinking it would be relaxing, but instead writhed in agony as every small muscle in your ankle was pummeled by a Singaporean man who was telling you repeatedly and very matter-of-factly that you were very pretty but too fat? I don’t know. Whatever your reason, veggies for dinner and smoothies for breakfast are both good places to start. Don’t worry, I’m not turning into a wellness blogger (lol unlikely). I just need to fit into my jeans again before winter sets in (because I can’t afford new ones) (#partylikeafreelancer).

I've gotten heavily into smoothies since acquiring a good blender. There are so many ridiculous sounding smoothie ingredients now it can be hard to know where to begin. Protein powder, plant extracts, nut butters, weird milk alternatives – it can all be a bit overwhelming and a bit expensive and the results can be gross. But I thought I’d just start with a couple and go from there, and I’ve put them to the test and the results are good! So whether you too are detoxing the shit out of April, or if you are sick of porridge or if you just love a good smoothie, give this a go.

I was sent some guarana powder recently and thought I’d supercharge my breakfast smoothie with it. I’d initially thought it was a chemical of sorts used in energy drinks, but it turns out it’s a berry extract from the Amazon. It gives a sharp kick of energy, and I think I overdosed on my first smoothie experiment because I felt like I was back at law school having just downed a quadruple-shot flat white (ohhh those were the days. Actually no, those were definitely not the days). I dropped the dose the next time and the hit was a little more subdued, but still exactly what I'm after at breakfast time.

For this particular recipe I also used LSA – that blissful mix of linseed, sunflower seeds, and ground almonds. I find it gives a bit of bulk and sustenance, but sometimes I’ll use oats instead. Like my general approach to cooking, I’ll make do with what I have in the cupboard (within reason). I was also feeling very smug because I’d bought some cut-price late-season super ripe strawberries a few weeks back, and I'd hulled and frozen them (oh the foresight!). They are far superior to bought frozen berries, but use what you will in place of the strawberries: any frozen berry will do (just check where they’re from).

Go forth and blend and tighten and enjoy!


Supercharged berry breakfast smoothie

1 x Banana (I always use All Good Organics)

About 1 cup almond milk (or whatever milk you fancy)

Handful of frozen berries (I used strawberries and they were great)

¼ tsp guarana powder (available from health food stores)

1 tbsp LSA mix (or use oats)

1 tsp honey (optional)

Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Enjoy!