10 Feb // Ice cream, you scream

Going booze free for February lasted approximately 10 and a half days, until it was trumped by my life-rule of never saying no to champagne. The culprit? Veuve Cliquot rosé, at the launch of Lewis Road Creamery’s latest product, ice cream.

On one of Auckland’s most sweltering of summer days, I sweated up a storm driving the 25 minutes or so to the North Shore’s beautiful Narrow Neck beach for the launch. The mini ice cream cones on the beautifullly styled tables were an instant giveaway – this great little NZ company has added to it’s butter, cream, milk, and bread line up of products with premium and artisan ice cream.

The premium range features chocolate (made with Belgian chocolate), vanilla (creamy as anything, and strewn with Heilala vanilla seeds) and hokey pokey; double hokey pokey in fact. Chocolate was my favourite, followed closely by vanilla - I can’t wait to douse it in hot coffee and add frangelico and drown happily in affogato forever.

Lewis Road founder Peter Cullinane spoke, saying ice cream was the logical next step for a creamery. He thinks NZ should produce the best dairy products in the world, and they’re giving it a damn good go. They looked to America rather than Europe for the creamiest ice cream they could find, and have “worked hard to create a recipe and churn that results in a real stickiness.” They've stuck with natural, simple ingredients and have made an ice cream exactly what they want to taste. 

After I’d caught up with a few of my favourites in the kiwi food industry over mini cones of each flavour, they pulled back the doors to another room and revealed their artisan range – the first flavour of the range is rose. It’s made with real rose petals, and a crème anglaise, and is slightly perfumed, almost like Turkish delight; it's utterly luscious, and it's pink. It’s in a beautiful cardboard (not plastic) tub ringed with gold, and that was where the rosé Veuve came in. With Valentine’s Day coming up, the rose couldn’t have come at a better time (watch this space for lavender and orange blossom later in the year), and if you’re trying to woo someone on February 14 (or if you're wanting to treat yo'self), I would say rose ice cream and rosé veuve are two very excellent places to start.