February 2016

I love a good fruit salad, but how often when you buy them either on a menu or pre-packaged are they just large chunks of underripe melon? Blergh. The cafe I worked at as a teenager here in Auckland used to make a great fruit salad, theirs served doused in passionfruit, and this one I made for the NZ Herald last year had the subtle perfume of orange blossom, just for something different. Fruit salad is a great addition to a shared brunch table, and it's the perfect late summer dessert. 

This one comes to you thanks to my wayward month around South East Asia years ago, where I first learned about putting salt and chilli on to fresh fruit. It neutralises the acidity, making pineapple especially, sweeter, and lifts it to being a superbly flavoursome snack. Mint and watermelon is a classic combo already, and since a recent press release alerted me to the fact that February has been declared National Watermelon Month by a leading grower of this magical fruit, I thought I'd combine them all in one. What we end up with is a chilli-salty-sweet-minty sprinkle, and my goodness it is good.  

Recipe inside!

late summer watermelon salad


For the fruit salad: 

Watermelon, sliced into chunks with seeds removed

Peach, slices


Also good with pineapple or another berry! 

Chop fruit into slices and lay on a plate. Sprinkle with the sprinkle and serve immediately! 

For the mint-chilli-sprinkle: 

Small bunch mint, finely chopped

About 1 tsp sea salt

A small pinch of white sugar

A small pinch of chilli flakes

Stir together all ingredients and sprinkle over your fruit. Dream of South East Asia and your long-gone wayward youth and enjoy. 

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I’ve been throwing out extreme phrases all year as far as food is concerned. Best burger I’ve ever had! (the fresh snapper burger at Pauanui Takeaways). Most delicious breakfast I’ve ever had! (the kimchi pancake at Little Bird Unbakery in Ponsonby). One of the top five cocktails of my life! (the watermelon vermouth number at Kensington St Social in Sydney). You get the idea. Likewise, best beach swim, juciest mango, and stone fruit being the absolute, hands down, best thing about summer.

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Going booze free for February lasted approximately 10 and a half days, until it was trumped by my life-rule of never saying no to champagne. The culprit? Veuve Cliquot rosé, at the launch of Lewis Road Creamery’s latest product, ice cream.

On one of Auckland’s most sweltering of summer days, I sweated up a storm driving the 25 minutes or so to the North Shore’s beautiful Narrow Neck beach for the launch. The mini ice cream cones on the beautifullly styled tables were an instant giveaway – this great little NZ company has added to it’s butter, cream, milk, and bread line up of products with premium and artisan ice cream.

The premium range features chocolate (made with Belgian chocolate), vanilla (creamy as anything, and strewn with Heilala vanilla seeds) and hokey pokey; double hokey pokey in fact. Chocolate was my favourite, followed closely by vanilla - I can’t wait to douse it in hot coffee and add frangelico and drown happily in affogato forever.

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