31 Aug // ooh I love a bit of cake

After the frenetic madness that was the Netball World Cup (in case you missed it the Silver Ferns won Silver, my little sister included), my 31st birthday (there were tequila shots), and a week in Wellington for Visa Wellington on a Plate, things (touch wood) feel a little calmer at the moment, and I've thoroughly enjoyed being back in the kitchen. Althought the blog gets a little neglected, I've still been hard at work, taking photos, writing recipes, hustling for dollars, and baking cakes. 

Every fortnight I have recipes in the Herald on Sunday, and a couple of weeks ago amidst my birthday madness (where I really was thoroughly spoilt) I wrote an entire column dedicated to cake. I adapted some of my old favourite recipes, and gave a shout out to two NZ cake queens, Jordan Rondel of The Caker and Anna Worthington of Cakes by Anna (if you're instagram inclined, their accounts are worth a look). Amidst this gluten-free, refined-sugar-free (unrefined sugar is still sugar, right?), everything-free madness we're currently living in, there's something extremely satisfying in creaming a batch of butter and sugar. As long as you're not eating an entire cake for breakfast every day, and it's a sweet treat amongst a balanced diet loaded with fresh vegetables, I am all for it. 

There's something even more satisfying in an accompanying pot of caramel sauce. Now, I love cream cheese icing and buttercream as much as the next guy, but this very simple apple cake with dark caramel sauce comes simply as is, and I love it for that. The sauce came about one night in the depths of winter, when I took some Acme dulce sugar and some Lewis Road double cream and discovered an actual match made in heaven. So luscious. 

So whether it's afternoon tea, or someone's birthday, or a simple dessert when friends are coming for dinner, I can highly recommend this cake. It's a great late-winter addition to your baking repertoire and the recipe is available by clicking here. Enjoy!