08 Jun // New dawn, new day.

Well hello! Welcome! Welcome to delaneymes.com, my brand-spanking new blog/website, that has risen from the ashes of my five year old blog Heartbreak Pie, now officially dead (RIP). I'm Delaney Mes, I'm a food writer based in Auckland, NZ. I love eating, and drinking, and cooking, and travelling, and somehow, through a mixture of ballsiness, stupidity, hard work, and good luck, I've been able to turn it into a career. 

Currently, a little over two years after quitting a law career to do something I love, I'm writing regular columns in the Herald on Sunday and Metro magazine, as well as doing cooking demonstrations, recipe writing, freelance writing jobs, organising people's dinner parties, and coordinating their weddings. Through a hodge-podge of things, I make up a full time working week, and I love it. 

Heartbreak Pie began when I was a 25 year old, heartbroken, graduate lawyer, living with randoms in a cold Wellington flat. Food blogs weren't so much a thing then; they tend to be a dime a dozen these days, and there are some truly great ones, and many that are terrible. I'd wanted to ditch the heartbreak thing for a few years now, and finally today that time has come. 

With all the writing I'm doing for other people, this new site will be a place exclusively for me to rant and rave, and believe me, I have a lot of both to do. Whether it's complaining about egg-heavy brunch menus, or raving about a new bargain wine, or professing my love of fancy soap, or sharing my friend's Grandma's kitchen secrets, I'm excited to get back to blogging right here. I'll also be fleshing out some travel-food writing, taking interesting people on lunch dates and telling you about it, and reviving a recent Heartbreak Pie favourite, Friday Drinks. Over the next few months I'll also be launching a boutique online store, and later on, a web series. 

It's exciting times for me, five years after starting my first blog, and 2 years after quitting law to "do food full time." I'm so grateful to be doing what I'm doing, and am delighted you're all here joining me on the ride.

Over the next two weeks I'll be plying the new site with content - everything from gnocchi, to the Bluff Oyster Festival, to cold brew white russian cocktails. Right now though I'm off to celebrate with a little launch party, and you'll be hearing all about that very soon too. 

Here goes nothing! 

Delaney x