Delaney Mes is a freelance food writer, who has just moved to Melbourne, Australia, after the last few years in her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand. She's on a plane and eating her way around new places as often as possible. She primarily writes about food and travel, and covers anything from great places to eat, gripes about the industry, the hunt for a good sandwich, to recipe development and writing. She writes with honesty and wit, and her approach to cooking is to keep it simple, but make it impressive. She likes eating seasonally, cooking for people, eating sourdough, and champagne.  

In 2017, Delaney edited the New Zealand Restaurant Cookbook featuring 50 restaurants across New Zealand, and recipes from each one. You can buy that here. She has been a judge on Metro magazine's Restaurant of the Year, as well as judging for their cheap eats, cafes, and best bars issues. For over 3 years she wrote a regular recipe column for the Herald on Sunday, and she has bylines in Air New Zealand's Kia Ora magazine, The Spinoff, NZ House and Garden, Taste, Cuisine, and more. Overseas she's written for The Hunt Guides (Singapore), Olive Magazine (UK) and the in-flight Jetstar magazine (Australia). She's opinionated, she's funny, and she'll happily rant about food, travel, and gender equality alllllll day. 

As well as writing this blog, Delaney now has two regular weekly radio slots, on Mikey Havoc's bFM breakfast show, and Wendyl Nissen's The Long Lunch on RadioLIVE. She's a former cook on the Good Morning show, was a panelist on the Paul Henry Show, and appears now from time to time on TVNZ's Breakfast. Basically, the high school drama lessons paid off, and she's way too comfortable in front of a camera or a microphone.   

Delaney began writing about food with a blog she wrote as a gradutate lawyer living in Wellington in 2010. She quit that job to freelance and throw dinner parties for a living, something she learned the hard way was not really a sustainable way to earn enough money to pay exorbident Auckland rent prices. Not interested in becoming a caterer, something she felt pulled into, she wrapped up the dinner party business to focus on writing, covering both food and travel. She still dabbles from time to time though, so if you need a private cook for something, you could throw her an email.  

Her favourite food is haloumi, or cheesecake, or pasta, or asparagus, and her favourite part of a fancy meal out is the glass of bubbly at the beginning with the bread and the butter. You can often find her instagramming her breakfast or her travels, and there you'll see she's a throw-together cook and someone who loves nothing more than travelling and eating. She's also the middle sister of three girls, she has a boyfriend called Tom who works in beer, and she's really tall.  

Some days she has to pinch herself that this is in fact her life, and other days she'll check her bank balance and instantly consider a career change back to law. 

Thanks for stopping by.