photo/Kaan Hiini 

I'm Delaney Mes and I'm a freelance food and travel writer, and event coordinator currently based in Auckland, NZ. I began writing in 2010 with my former food blog Heartbreak Pie, when I was a freshly graduated lawyer with a broken heart, living in Wellington, New Zealand. 

Through writing a blog I began cooking on the Good Morning show, and writing for magazines, and it was around about then I realised food was a lot more exciting than law. In 2011, I did a blog for the Visa Wellington on a Plate food festival, where I ate 17 burgers in 17 days on 17 dates. A wee while later I moved to Auckland, started writing for the acclaimed Metro magazine, and now am a fulltime freelance writer and cook. I write recipes every fortnight for the Herald on Sunday, and do some events work too.

I love fresh and seasonal food, am partial to a crisp g+t, and love nothing more than going out for dinner, whether it's a fancy restaurant, a cheap noodle joint, or to someone else's house.